Building Project 2019

Here We Grow Again

In 2003, by the grace of God, we packed out 20 chairs and started the ministry in our house. After 2 months we moved into the Magister’s Hall and from there to the Round Table Hall. In 2006 we moved into Die Wilgers Hoërskool where we packed out our first 100 chairs. Since then we have been steadily growing into a Christ-culture gregation celebrating 27 different cultures.

In December 2014 God opened another door for us and we signed an “offer to purchase” on a piece of land. We believe this is the next step in establishing a solid base and a permanent place of worship. This project is directly aligned with the vision of the church - connecting people to God and God to people. Loving God - Loving People. We want to invite you to partner with us and invest in our future as we build God a house. Everything God made is connected to each other and He does nothing without partnership. As a matter of fact, when God made you He said “let us make man”(Gen 1:26). This means the Father, Son and Holy Spirit were all involved in creating all the earth and you. Here we see creation was achieved through partnership. In the same way God has designed us for partnership because we all have strengths. Your strength becomes my strength and mine yours so that we can have a greater positive and lasting impact in our community.

Even the great commission was not given to one person but to all of us. We are one anothers strength. Jesus started His ministry in partnership with 12 disciples and told them, like He has told us, “get ready to do even greater works” (John 14:12-14). A vision from God is always bigger than one individual relying on Him for the miracle. Remember, what we make happen for others, God makes happen for us (Gal 6:7-10; Luke 6:38). Join us in writing our story. The best is yet to come.

In His Service,